ACT 2: PART 12

Meanwhile, Shelly was searching for something to prototype Boostsprite with. She saw a Jack Frost toy/doll/whatever from Rise of the Guardians, and since he was human, she decided to throw him in there.




BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: Hello! I can finally talk in English now without you having a hard time deciphering what I was barking about!

SHELLY: Yes. I can.

SHELLY: Now, what were you saying about being a Page of Mind?

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: Well alright. I was saying that you are a Page of Mind. Although I honestly don’t know what that means, what I CAN tell you is that you’re rather important to your team.


SHELLY: That means what in this scenario?

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: You’re playing a game, no?


BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: And you’re playing it together with others, correct?


BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: You’re on a team of 12 people that each have a distinct personality and powers to add to the greater good.

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: You’re working to defeat the Black King in an event called the Reckoning.

SHELLY: Okay, I think I have an idea of what you’re talking about now.

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: I think right now you need to head up to the gates far above your home.

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: These gates lead you to various places throughout the Medium, as the second gate leads you to your server player’s house, the third leads you to their planet, the next to their server player’s house, and so on. I believe you have 23 gates to go through to get to your denizen, however-

SHELLY: Denizen?

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: Basically the final boss of your planet.

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: As I was saying, you have to defeat him to get… somewhere, I’m not sure.

BOOSTFROSTSPRITE: That’s all I really can tell you at this point.

SHELLY: Alright, I think I can get Chris to help me advance now. Thanks for the help!

Shelly contacts Chris;


wW: Chris.

fD: Yes shelly?

wW: I require your assistance. Would you be oh so kind as to help me?

fD: I’m kinda busy right now but sure what do you need


At the moment, Chris was on the lookout, shooting all imps that came in proximity to where he was sitting.


wW: I am asking you to build my house up with whatever means necessary. I mean seriously. Do so.

wW: Essentially I need to supply you with build grist.

fD: Build grist?

wW: Those blue gusher things.

fD: So that’s what I should have been doing all this time! Collecting the gushers! Okay, let’s do this

wW: I believe that I need my club in order to slay imps. Here goes.

Shelly sighs and wields her golf club. She spots an imp, and it spots her. Once it charges at her, she takes a round at its head, and it flies clean off. Imp blood spurts out of the decapitated body everywhere. Some build grist also comes out of the headhole, flowing out on the fountain of imp blood. For a moment, she hesitates to collect the grist, fearing that it would be tainted with the imp blood, but then she braved her fear and stored the grist in the server.

wW: I believe that we have acquired enough build grist to get at least halfway towards our immediate goal, the second gate. There are, according to my sprite, 23 gates that we need to get through.

fD: Darn, that’s a lot of gates

wW: I agree.

fD: How far above your house is the second gate that leads to my house

wW: If I could spot the distance, I would say approximately one hundred meters upward.

fD: That’s not good

wW: We have literally thousands of build grist, and to make a flight of stairs it takes about ten.

fD: Really?

wW: I believe so.

wW: Can you complete your task already? This is taking far longer than it should have to.

fD: Yeah sure just hold on

fD: I have to battle off the swarm of imps that are mobbing me right now with my trusty rifle

wW: Alright, go ahead, just tell me when you’re ready.

Shelly catches the sight of four or five imps that are charging her, and when they get near enough, takes a whack at them with her iron. She decapitates all of their lifeless bodies, and build grist sprays everywhere, as with imp blood. She continues this pattern, stabbing them periodically, until her build grist is full.