ACT 2: PART 13

Anyway, back to Chris.

He had been shooting imps through their heads, bodies, and legs, and they had been exploding every time. He was questioning in his mind why they must explode. He ponders that notion for a slight moment then shakes his head, realizing it doesn’t really matter, and continues. After going through approximately fourteen magazines, he realizes that he was supposed to be helping Shelly out a bit.

wW: Chris.

wW: I require your assistance.

wW: Build up my house.

He quickly replies;

fD: Gotta wait, I’m barricading my door

It was true; he was blocking his door with a bookshelf. He pushed and pulled it to his door, and stuck the bookcase right up against the door. He had been sweating from the effort. The bookcase was easily four hundred pounds, as it was composed mainly of glass.

But before we delve too deeply into Chris and Shelly’s story, we should likely go check on Roman. Cry yourself to sleep no more! Undoubtedly your favourite character is here!

Roman had been exploring Prospit from the sky for hours now, or at least what seemed like hours. He had seen the twelve towers, the chain, and the golden kingdom itself. He decided he’d explore from the streets.

He dove down to the surface, where there was a bustling marketplace dealing with black market matters, or at least that’s what it seemed like. There were shady-looking albino-skinned individuals wrapped in golden robes (Roman bet that they weren’t actually made of gold, probably rather from gold-spun silk). He saw some apples in a basket marked “Juicy red morsels: one boondollar” in a rather strange language. He had no idea why he knew that it said that, but he will most definitely find out later. We know that much. Roman decided upon exploring the ground level further. He jumped up and started flying, albeit at a very low level, and caught the eyes of dozens of Prospitians. He tired of flying at ground level and, once more, flew up to the sky of Prospit. He flew to the towers again, and found each tower was paired with another, and that there were twelve total towers. His was paired with… Roman looked into the window. It was Zen! How awesome, to have a golden tower right next to Zen’s. He smiled and continued exploring.

The narrator is sure that you have been tiring of Roman by now, but we’ve got more in store for others!

David had arrived at the village on LoRaK. There were hundreds of kittens here, and even more down the cliff’s side that had suddenly appeared when he peered over the highest point of the village. The village’s architecture was adorable. There were little cat houses with rough carpeted walls and scratching posts throughout the town, as well as small divets in the ground with milk inside. There were litterbox houses all over the place. But he was getting a message from one of his new contacts. The other one.

pEPERASMENonOEMVRIo started dousing sacktheAvenger on 20/12/12

pn: dAVId.

pn: is tHAt yOUr nAMe?

sA: It is, yes.

pn: i am hERe to wARn yOu aBOUt my bROTHEr.

sA: Oh god, are you AS’ brother?

pn: i cOULd tELl yOu tHAt bUt i’d rATHEr nOt.

sA: I see how it is.

pn: yOu sHOULd.

sA: Okay, hold on.

sA: Your brother said that I should

pn: wHAt?

sA: Nevermind.

pn: no. tELl me.

sA: I said nevermind! ;A;

pn: tELl me. nOw.

sA: No.

sA: I said no, and I mean no.

sA: Tell me about yourself, to get off that topic.

pn: fINe.

pn: i am a nAIAd-hUMAn hybrid.

sA: Naiad? Neat.

pn: eVERYONe tELLs me tHAt.

pn: bUt i’Ve nEVEr tALKEd to a hUMAn bEFORe…

sA: Can’t you talk to my other friends? Like your brother?

pn: kINd of.

pn: i mEAn, i cAn oNLy tALk to tHe tEAMs’ lEADERs.

sA: Ah, I see.

sA: Alright.

sA: So you are AS’ brother?

pn: yEs…

sA: Alright.

sA: I assume he’s some sort of hybrid also?

pn: yEs, hOWEVEr i cANNOt tELl yOu wHAt of.

sA: S’cool.

pn: bUt…

sA: But what?

pn: be wARNEd…

sA: What?

sA: What?

sA: WHAT ;A;