ACT 2: PART 15

Hmmm, he’s not doing anything interesting at the moment. Maybe later. Let’s switch our viewpoint to Zen for now as we haven’t heard from her in a bit. We’ll just get bored with her in like five seconds anyway like always.

Zen opens her eyes and looks around. She gasps lightly in wonder and holds her hand to her heart. All around her house is a beautiful forest. The chirping of birds can be heard echoing through the treetops, along with the sound of running water and the wind whistling through the forest canopy. She goes to the edge of her house and looks down in awe. The ground glowed a soft moist brown down below. She was on a large wooden platform at the top of the woods, about 100 meters above the forest floor. Wooden bridges connected her central platform to smaller platforms around her and those smaller platforms have bridges going off into the distance as well. She figures she is in some awesome elaborate treehouse.  Coming back to her senses, she quickly scans her immediate area, on the lookout for pesky imps. She doesn’t spot any right away, so she shrugs and goes to back into her apartment. It looked like only her personal apartment had been transported, not the entire building. She goes over to her computer and looks at Roman sprawled on the Alchemiter. Standing in front of him is a brown figure in full MJOLNIR combat armour, with an assault rifle and pistol, killing the imps advancing on to him. The end of his body is a strange tail, and his entire form seems to glow with brown energy. She supposes that is the sprite that she had prototyped.

Zen notices that his computer screen was flashing, with a conversation request from several people. She couldn’t tell at that distance, but she thinks it looks like wW, sA, fD, and someone she dosn’t know, the letters look like iT? She blows up the image, and cocks her head. irisvarTobor? Roman had said he had given her all the contacts of everyone to play the game, but this wasn’t one of them. Suddenly her own screen flashes with a conversation request.

ocuirardiOium (oO) at??:?? sung to zenMetsu (zM) at 00:24

oO: Kknnigghhtt.

zM: who are you :?

oO: Irrrrellavvenntt.

oO: I wwillll ttallkk tto yyou

oO: Yyou willll nnott ssppeakk tto mme.

oO:  Mmy ssisstterrss ffeell wwe ccann hhellpp yyou.

oO: I hhavve sseenn tthhatt tthhiss ccannnnott bbe ttrrue.

oO: Anndd yyet tthheyy ddonntt llissttenn tto mme.

oO: Yyou wwillll ddoomm uss allll

oO: Alltthhougghh yyou wwillll bbe lledd tto bbellievve yyou arre givvingg uss Lliffe.

zM: what do you mean :(

zM: who are you?

zM: who are your sisters?

oO: Rrevvenngge mmusstt bbe ccarriedd outt. Tthhis ccannnnott bbe allllowwedd tto hhappppenn.

oO: Yyou wwillll nnott hhearr ffrromm mme aggainn. Anndd iff I amm ssuccccessffull, yyou wwillll nnott hhearr ffrromm mmy ssisstterrs.

oO: Ffarrewwellll.

oO: I wwisshh yyou tthhe bbesstt off llucckk.

oO: Fforr iff yyou ffaill, wwe wwillll allll ffacce tthhe cconnsseqquennccess.

ocuirardiOium (oO) ceased her song

zM: wait :!

zM: what do you mean????

zM: :(

Zen gets off the computer, absurdly confused. Who was that? What did they mean? She wishes she could contact Roman, but he was still sleeping. She sighs and slumps down on her computer desk. She is sure he’d wake up soon.

He had to.