ACT 2: PART 16

Speaking of absolutely nothing, why don’t we go check on Chris?

Chris had been taking a break from killing imps what with his glass bookcase barricade. He is sitting right up against it, building up Shelly’s house. He liked this game a lot. He painted her house a light magenta colour, as a joke. She has grist to spare, he reasons.

Suddenly he feels a rumble in the ground.

This cannot be good.

He feels a sharp pain in his ankle.

Chris looks backwards and finds the glass bookcase had trapped his foot underneath it, and it is falling. He tugs away, trying to free his trapped foot, attempting to scramble away from the 400 pound bookcase. He can’t die! Not now! Unfortunately, his struggles just help the bookcase fall faster, tipping extremely precariously. He winces and closes his eyes, waiting for the end to come.

The glass bookcase falls onto him, crushing him effortlessly. It explodes into a million little glass shards after crushing his body. They stick into Chris’s remains and lacerate his protective skin coating, cutting deep, even into the bone.

Luckily, we suppose, he dies instantly, with nothing but a millisecond of pain before perishing into the blackness of death.

Shelly, walking up the staircase, looks up and narrows her eyes. The staircase had stopped being built upwards. She tries messaging him to figure out what’s going on.

wW: Chris.

wW: Why have you stopped building up my house?

wW: I need your help.

wW: Chris?

She gets a bit worried and starts messaging him more quickly and frequently. Had an imp gotten him? Did he just have to go to the bathroom?

wW: Chris…

wW: Chris.

wW: Chriiiiiiis!

wW: Chris!

wW: Damnit, answer me!

wW: Oh no! Did something happen?

wW: Chriiiiiiiiiiis!

wW: Are you sleeping?

wW: Are you… Dead?


She looks back upwards, the gate glowing above her. If he was dead… How could she continue her game. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be.

She didn’t know the bitter truth: he was.

Total deaths: one (1).