She tries rA this time, or Roman, as David told her to call him.

namOnocle (nO) (ADMIN) started shit with romanAiv (rA)


nO: Hello Roman. :)

rA: Yo… do I know you?

nO: <,probably not, although I am a friend of David’s.

rA: Ok

nO: I’m just lonely and wanted someone to talk to.

rA: Well, what would you like to talk about?

nO: I’m getting a game. :)

rA: Ooh, a game! I love those, yo. Which one?

nO: Sburb Delta.

nO: Did David tell you to get it too?

rA: Oh yeah, it’s coming in the mail tomorrow or the day after yo. Some of my other friends ha ve been all about talking about it too yo. They’re crazy types. All technological and shit.

nO: He was the one that found it on the WWW a week or two ago.

nO: It was pretty shady honestly but he linked you to it I assume?

nO: Or bought you a copy, possibly?

rA: Yeah it’s available on eBay also.

rA: I’m playing it with my friend Zenny.

rA: And well. Others.

rA: So I hear.

nO: Okay. :)


A few minutes go by without either of the two saying anything. Roman breaks the silence.


rA: So how old are you exactly?

nO: I wouldn’t say even if I could. :(

rA: Alright.


The narrator realizes that the majority of this time (in fact, all of the times. All of them) he has not told the readers any of the characters’ ages. Screw it; you’re probably not interested anyways. The only hint he can give you is they range in age from youngest possible teen (he is quite possibly the best character that you’ve met so far) to old enough to drink alcohol (which she does not but regardless, it’s a good measure of time while being cryptic).


rA: Well I’ve gotta run yo.

rA: Seeya sometime yo.

nO: Alright bye. :(


She sits up in her computer chair from her normal, rather poor posture and stretches again. She looks through her other conversations but the rest of her userbase is offline, even bC now. She sighs in disappointment. The admin that’s always alone. Nicole.


In other news, David has found the King Kitty’s house (we’re going back in time but in the present, see if you can follow us). He talks to the Kitten King.



DAVID: Hello.

DAVID: Is that what you said?

KING KITTY: Mrow meow mew mew mrow mew meow.

DAVID: Did you?

KING KITTY: Purr purr meow mrow mew mew mew mew mew.

DAVID: Please tell me in English?

KING KITTY: Purr meow MEOW meow mrow mrow mew.

DAVID: Oh ffs. ;A;

KING KITTY: Nah, I’m just messing with you, I can speak English.

DAVID: Oh god thank you.

KING KITTY: You are on LoRaK.

DAVID: I know that much.

DAVID: Do you know anything else about my situation?

KING KITTY: Where is your sprite?

DAVID: Oh god. Where is it?

DAVID: Do you have some way of seeing my sprite, like a spritecam?

KING KITTY: I have cameras set up all over your house.

DAVID: So YOU’RE the one that broke into my house and killed all those imps and scared the living crap out of me!

KING KITTY: It was one of my Knights of the Food Dish.

DAVID: Oh my god. What? xD

KING KITTY: It’s complicated. Hey, we’re cats! What else can you expect from us?

DAVID: So can you find my sprite or not? I want to know…

KING KITTY: I believe… your sprite… it has gone away.