Feb 4


Y’know, considering the fact that we are once again switching to another character. His name is… Roman. Adventures on Prospit, go!

Roman glances around, as he is heading deeper into the planet. He wonders what he will find at the center. As he passes by another stall selling some eureka lemons, he hears a rasp from somewhere he can’t discern.

“Hey, kid.”

He spins around, looking for where the voice had come from.

“Over here,” He sees a figure waving at him from an alley. Unlike the Prospitians, the figure had dark black carapace, and was wearing a suit and fashionable hat. Roman quickly scans around to make sure no one is looking, and ducks into the shady alley.

The figure looks around as well, and then speaks, “I’m the Archagent of Derse. You may have heard of me.”

Roman takes a step back, “Um, yeah. Aren’t you supposed to be the bad guy?”

The figure laughs, “One way of putting it, kid. No good and bad, really, not in this game.”

Roman cocks his head quizzically, “Ooookay.” He says, “Why did you want me?”

The Archagent smiles a slasher smile, “Just giving you a warning before you decide to fight me. Don’t.” He turns around and leaves.

Roman shrugs and turns out of the alley, going farther into the center of the planet. As he does, he notices that chains are hanging from the walls, and there were little to no Prospitians. Quite interesting. Suddenly, the walkway disappears and he falls into a huge cavern, landing on some hard slab of something. He looked around, holding his head. There was a fair number of the same type of stone slabs that he had landed on, though they seemed to be coloured differently. The one he was laying on was brown, with some strange red symbol on top. The one directly to his left was red, while the one to his right was a clover colour. He stands up, and looks around. He guesses that he is in the center of the planet.

Well, he certainly isn’t doing anything interesting. Let’s yank our directional view to someone else of our odd outstanding original band of players. One Zen. She is currently talking to another contact that she had never seen before, but claimed to know Roman.

zM: so, youve been helping Roman set up this game :?

iT: Yes.

iT: It is ne<ess^ry for us.

zM: us?

iT: Me ^nd the rest of my group th^t pl^yed the game with me

zM: umm, okay :/

zM: so you guys won? you could give us tips? ^.^?

iT: No.

iT: Your session is…

iT: Different.

iT: To s^y the le^st.

Zen quirks up her face. That was certainly strange! What was different about her session? She quickly taps out the same question that was running through her head.

zM: why is it different? :O

iT: I don’t know ^ll too well myself, honestly.

iT: Oh shit I h^>e to go.

iT: Good luck.

irisvarTobor (iT) ended the song.

zM: wait!

Zen sighs and looks back at the door to her room. She had blocked it with a random glass bookcase she had found in her room. She wasn’t entirely sure why there was a glass bookcase in her room. She was quite sure it wasn’t there before. When she had pushed it into place, she had apparently gained a level in the game, her first one. “A Planted Seed.” She wasn’t sure what that meant but it sounded kind of cool so she was fine with it. She had also apparently been given something called Boonbucks, though she had no clue what they did. She sighs and lies down in her bed. The imps had stopped appearing when she had been transportalized or whatever to this treehouse place. There wasn’t anything to worry about. She closes her eyes and falls into a dreamy sleep.