ACT 3: PART 10

Back to Roman.

He lay down on the brown slab, and fell asleep. He was tired.

Roman opens his eyes, looking around. His vision is hazy, but he can see a brown Spartan-like form in front of him, and notice that he had been laying on the Alchemiter. He lifts his head slowly, coughing. A dribble of blood fell down his chin. He blinks and slowly turns, looking at where his head had lay. The Alchemiter was covered in blood. He glances to the right, his computer screen glowing with notices. He crawls over, focusing on putting one arm in front of the other, and grasps it. He opens the first notice, from irisvarTobor.

irisvarTobor (iT) attempted to sing to romanAiv (rA) at 0:20 hours

iT: Rom^n.




iT: Oh no

iT: This is not h^ppening!

rA integrated into the song at 0:35 hours

rA: Yo

iT: Rom^n!!!!

iT: You’re ^li>e!

rA: More or less.

rA: What did you need?

iT: W^nted to m^ke sure the pl^n w^s still on

rA: It is.

rA: It may be a while for us, however.

iT: Hey, Rom^n?

iT: Remember when we first met?

rA: How could I forget?

iT: You s^id something-

iT: About

rA: Save it for later.

rA: I don’t have much time

rA: Seeya, in life or death I guess.

romanAiv (rA) ended the song

Roman coughs again, blood spraying across his screen. He attempts to clean it off with his sweater sleeve, but just smears it around the screen some more. He ignores it and opens the next chat window;

wyrdWyrm (wW) started shit with romanAiv (rA)

wW: Roman…


wW: Can you tell me what happened to Chris?

wW: Ugh nevermind

wW: You’re obviously up to your increasingly mysterious and cryptic shit again.

rA: Sorry, I was sort of unconscious.

rA: Chris is dead.

wW: What?!

rA: Yeah, a bookcase fell on him or some shit.

rA: Idek

wW: How will I get to the gate and my denizen now?

rA: Eh, he’ll get back up eventually.

wW: What!?!?

rA: Don’t worry about it.

romanAiv disconnected

He looks at the computer screen. Three more contacts he has to trudge through before he can die. He wonders who to contact next. He closes Chris’ chat attempt, no need to worry about him. So he had to choose between David, and… her.

Obviously, he chose her.

romanAiv (rA) sung with ocuirardiOium (oO)

rA: The hell do you want?

oO: ssttillll ass wwellccomminngg ass evverr, hhuhh, Arrcchhaeopptterryxx?

rA: Don’t call me that.

rA: I’m not that person anymore.

oO: Iff yyou ssayy sso, Rroggue.

rA: Better.

rA: Wait, what?

oO: Ohh, yyou hhavve nno idea wwhhatt yyou’rre ggettttinngg inntto.

rA: Obviously not.

rA: Care to explain?

rA: Seer?

oO: Hhmmmm

oO: Yyou arrenntt ass ddummbb ass I ttookk yyou fforr inn tthhe bbegginnnninng

oO: Tto annsswwerr yyourr qquessttionn, nno, I ddonn’tt “ccarre tto exxppllainn.”

oO: I jjusstt wwannttedd tto ttellll yyou tthhatt nnoww yyou ssttarrttedd, yyou ccannnnott ggo bbacckk.

oO: Yyou’vve ddoommedd uss allll.

ocuirardiOium (oO) ended the song.

rA: Ugh, you and your apocalyptic shit.

Roman disconnected, and began a shitversation with his 6th bestie.

romanAiv (rA) started shit with sacktheAvenger (sA)

rA: Yo

sA: What the hell Roman?

sA: Where have you been? ;A;

rA: The long and arduous process of dying, mate.

sA: What? ;A;

rA: Yeah I’ve been getting that a lot lately.

sA: You’re dying?

rA: Yeah.

rA: As far as I know, Amir is too.

rA: Though, his weird card shit might save him.

sA: Weird card shit?

rA: Oh yeah you don’t know about that shhhhhhhh forget I ever said anything

sA: Well, other than that, where’s Chris? Shelly has been hounding me about him.

rA: Yeah he’s dead.


sA: What the hell is it with you and your posse dying?

rA: Dude.

rA: I’m not the guy to ask.

sA: Okay well get back to you later I guess?

rA: Yeppers.

sA disconnected.

Roman lay back on the Alchemiter. Now that that was over, he could get jumping on dying. He falls unconscious again. The next time we see him, he will most probably be dead.