ACT 3: PART 11

Sburb Delta

Part 11

Act 3


                Amir snaps his eyes open. What had happened? He blinks a few times and glances around. He is lying on the ground, his house still stood as sturdy as it ever did. Though the natural light seemed a fair bit lighter now. As well as the fact that he didn’t really feel like he was laying on the ground. He used one of his bro-taught parkour moves to flip up to his feet, but ended up flying through the air and hitting the ceiling. He holds his head. “Owwww.” He pulls out his iPhone, feet on the ceiling, and opens up Shither. He quickly scans the contacts. Looked like Roman had been on for a little while, and then disappeared, Shelly and David were incommunicado, Chris hadn’t gone on in a bit, and Zen had gone offline while he was checking everyone else. He wondered what had happened to her. He sure hoped it wasn’t something bad that had happened like being bitten by a radioactive snake or something. Or falling off an extremely high platform. Nonetheless, the fact that there appeared to be little to no gravity wherever he was is pretty cool, her reasons to himself. He then spots another contact getting online. Uh huh. Awesome!

arkAnjyl (aA) started a shitversation with legacyHacker (lH) and punnyProphet (pP)

aA: Hey lH.

aA: and pP?

aA: Seriously dude are you guys like attached at the hip or what?

lH: Huh, no.

pP: Our chats are joined together.

lH: Don’t.

pP: Probably because we’re banding together all the time

lH: Ugh, anyway what did you want?

lH: We’re in band  right now.

aA: Aren’t you two always in band?

lH: Yes. It’s kind of our occupation/ we need to do it/ we really don’t have a choice

pP: But there’s a pretty good way to make us stand!

lH: Please stop

pP: Take away our chairs!

aA: Come on dude you can do better than that.

lH: So yeah partners are supposed to keep their chats connected.

lH: It really sucks, I can’t talk to Roman anymore because pP’s always like worshipping him.

lH: As well as, y’know.

lH: Nevermind.

aA: oH?
lH: Yeah just forget it.

pP: oH?

lH: Don’t worry about it.

pP: Okay

lH: Anyway, once again, we probably shouldn’t talk long

lH: He’s looking at us

pP: He’s really the only one here who can compose himself.

lH: For the record, that was a joke about our band director, who composes the music.

lH: There you go.

aA: Well, bye I guess?
aA: I guess we’ll see each other later?

lH: Yeah.

pP: It’s all relative though.


punnyProphet (pP) disconnected

lH: Oh yeah have you had any trouble with those cards?

aA: No dude those are awesome.

lH: Thought so. Most of my products are.

*The shitversation has been turned off the record. All messages past this point will be deleted and hidden from view from everyone but a system manager*

lH: Anyway, oH is doing fine.

lH: He, meaning pP, is one of them.

lH: They can’t figure out about him.

aA: Yeah sorry

aA: I forgot.

lH: It’s fine, don’t do it again.

lH: Right I’ll leave now.

lH: Don’t forget to contact me if anything happens to them.

lH: Oh yeah, ask Chris how his rifle is doing, too?

lH: According to Roman, I was the one who made it.

lH: Though I don’t remember ever doing anything of the sort.

aA: Oookay?

aA: Got it.

lH: Bye

legacyHacker (lH) disconnected.

Amir shakes his head. He really didn’t want to get involved with their shit. It had just happened. And now he was entrenched knee deep within it. He sits down on the roof and waits. For what, he doesn’t even know. Maybe for something dangerous to happen?